The 40 Best Products on Amazon With Over 5,000 Five-Star Reviews

One or two five-star product reviews aren't always an indicator of a great product. But over 5,000 of them? Well, that's another story. We round up the best-selling products on Amazon with the best reviews.

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June 15, 2023

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When you’re shopping online, there are both conveniences and inconveniences to consider when getting ready to buy something. Of course, the conveniences are plentiful: you can stay at home and the products ship right to your door. Perhaps the largest inconvenience, however, is that you can’t physically touch the items you’re purchasing, increasing the risk of getting something you’ll just end up needing to return. There are, of course, recommendations available to help guide your purchases — and perhaps, most helpful, there are reviews you can scour through. Customer reviews can be quite a useful resource if you know how to sift through them: most of the time, they’re made by shoppers like you who purchased products because they have similar interests or problems to solve. And if the things they purchased worked for them enough for it to garner an online rave, that’s something to truly consider as a positive. However, we all have individual needs and opinions, and one good review does not automatically mean it's a great product. Truly, even a few good reviews are not nearly enough to prove a product is worth buying. But what about 5,000? Surely, 5,000+ five-star reviews is enough to convince anyone that something online is the best of the best. We’ve done the research and found products that have well over 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon — and some even have upwards of 50,000. From garden hoses to soft microfiber sheets, these range in category but have one thing in common: they’re beloved by Amazon reviewers, and have an abundance of the highest reviews one can give on the site.


From slim velvet hangers that will streamline your closet to incredibly soft natural mulberry silk pillowcases, these products will improve your sleep, organize your closet and make your home feel like a comfortable oasis.


A popular salad spinner, an electric pepper mill and a cast-iron burger smash from Cuisinart will make cooking and prep work incredibly simple. Additionally, things like an over-the-cabinet-door organizer and sturdy containers for your dried goods will ensure things stay organized, too.


A washing machine cleaner, an aesthetically-pleasing stick vacuum and an eco-friendly detergent that comes in sheet form round out the most popular cleaning products on Amazon.


Whether you're trying to relax on an outdoor rocking chair or you're trying out a natural fungicide for your organic garden, these have thousands of popular reviews and will be sure to make your time in the sun more pleasant.

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