The Best Laundry Baskets and Hampers That Are Stylish and Functional

Stay on top of the endless task of laundry with hampers and baskets that add function and style to your home.

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June 15, 2023

It's the chore that never goes away. But that doesn't mean we can't take on our laundry piles with stylish baskets and hampers that bring a little bit of joy to the daily grind.

How to Choose the Best Laundry Basket

Whether you're looking for a bin that helps you sort your darks and lights, is easy to tote around or simply contains clothing clutter in style, we've found laundry hampers and baskets that'll help you make sense of socks, shirts, towels, sheets and more.

Size: Take into consideration the right size for your laundry needs. Are you looking for a large capacity to hold the whole family's laundry or individual baskets for each member? Do you need a smaller design that will fit in your closet or behind a door?

Materials: Laundry baskets come in a variety of materials: cloths, plastics and metals. The most important aspect of any material though is breathability and ventilation to eliminate odors. Also, depending on where you'll store your hamper, consider how flexible your design needs to be. One that folds down or compresses when not full or in use is ideal for smaller spaces, while hard materials are sturdier.

Portability: If you're going to be hauling loads of laundry up or down stairs, look for a basket that's easy to carry. Additionally, rolling hampers are incredibly transportable.

Style: If you're storing your hamper in your bedroom or bathroom, look for one that adds to your room's design rather than distracts from it. We suggest opting for a hamper with a lid, which will keep dirty clothes hidden away.

Laundry Basket vs. Laundry Hamper

Most of us use "basket" and "hamper" interchangeably, but there are a few differences. The main difference is baskets are for transportation; we use them to tote laundry from one place to the next. Hampers, on the other hand, are for storage — usually housed in your closet, bedroom or bathroom and used to collect your day-to-day laundry. Baskets are typically wider than tall and completely open at the top, while hampers are the opposite (taller than wide) and often have lids to hide away dirty laundry.

Best Multifunctional Laundry Basket

$91.69 $83.59

This all-in-one solution has a hamper underneath and baskets for folding or separating on top — all on wheels to easily move around your laundry space or home. The slim design allows you to tuck it away when not in use — although when are our laundry baskets not in use, right?

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Best Stackable Laundry Basket

One of the best tips with storage is to take it vertically, and these stackable baskets do just that. Instead of piles of laundry spread across the floor, these baskets keep you organized by sorting clothes or giving each family member their own basket.

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Best Laundry Hamper for Small Spaces


Oh-so clever, this collapsible tote folds down flat so you can easily store it when not in use. Pop it open when you're ready to fold clean clothes or haul dirty ones to the laundry room.

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Best Hanging Laundry Hamper


Keep your floors clear of clutter with this hanging laundry bag. Simply hang the fabric straps to any door, and throw your clothes into the linen bag at the end of the day. There's even an extra pocket on the front for delicates or small items such as socks.

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Best Budget Laundry Hamper


The collapsible, portable bin adds classic gray-and-white stripes to any room and hides away all your dirty clothes until it's washing day. The hamper features a large holding capacity as well as long handles for easily transporting to and from the laundry room.

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Best Stylish Laundry Hamper


Not only do we love these woven baskets for storing toys, blankets and towels, but they also make super cute laundry hampers. The jumbo size of the bin is perfect for families and for carrying a load of towels from the bathroom to the washer.

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Best Divided Laundry Hamper

This classic-style hamper and lid will hide away all your dirty linens. The bin boasts two divided compartments for sorting laundry with removable tote bags in each, and its sleek design will fit right in with any design decor style.

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Best Rolling Laundry Basket


Stylish and functional, this rolling basket has a steel frame with a removable canvas liner. Set on four caster wheels, you'll be able to keep it in place or take it with you when needed.

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Best Laundry Hamper for Kids

For the smallest members of the family, make laundry fun. (And add cute decor to their rooms!) This water hyacinth woven bear hamper helps your kiddos learn to put their dirty clothes in a bin instead of the floor.

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Sturdiest Laundry Hamper

From $189

Made from ultra-durable canvas and built around a steel frame, this raised laundry basket can handle even your heaviest load. The maple lid gives you a surface to fold clothes and keeps everything looking neat and tidy.

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Best X-Frame Laundry Hamper


Easily keep clothes from piling up on the floor by tossing them into this wooden X-frame hamper. A removable bag snaps into place, while the frame can be collapsed and stored away when the bag is in the laundry room.

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Best Adaptable Laundry Basket

From $89

Mix and match this adaptable laundry system to fit the needs of your family. Available in seven shades, the bags snap together as needed and have snap-on labels for added organization.

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