DIY Teal Pumpkins Three Ways

Make sure no child, even those with food allergies, is left out of trick-or-treating by displaying one of these three DIY teal pumpkins that let everyone know that you have non-food treats available.

Photo by: Best Wishes Studio

Best Wishes Studio

To ensure every child experiences the fun and magic of Halloween night, the Teal Pumpkin Project formed a bright idea. Teal pumpkins are placed on your doorstep for trick-or-treaters with food allergies to know that you have candy alternatives available. This way, no child feels left out just because they can’t have the same candy as everyone else. After you choose which teal pumpkin to place on your porch, stock up on alternative items like vampire teeth, glow-in-the-dark bouncy balls, stickers and more. Here are three teal pumpkin ideas to get you started.

3 Teal Pumpkin DIYs 01:39

Craft a stylish teal pumpkin to advertise allergy-friendly treats for kids.

Woven Monster Pumpkin

Materials Needed

  • teal diorama pumpkin
  • small embroidery hoop
  • teal yarn
  • thick variegated teal yarn
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun + sticks
  • thick teal pipe cleaner
  • teal decorative trim
  • assorted pom-poms
  • plastic monster fingers and eyeballs

Place Yarn on Embroidery Hoop

Take apart an embroidery hoop and place the inner hoop on a flat work surface. Cut four sections of yarn approximately 4 inches longer than the hoop’s diameter. Place the first two pieces of yarn on the hoop to form a plus sign leaving 2 inches of excess on each end, then place the next two on top in an X shape. This will serve as your loom.

Step 1: (not shown) Take the embroidery hoop apart. Set aside outer piece with the hardware. Step 2: (not shown) Lay the inner part of the embroidery hoop on a flat surface. STEP 3: Using yarn and scissors, cut pieces and create a plus sign across the hoop. Leave about 2"s of excess yarm. Repeat the same process creating an X over the plus. This will be your loom

Photo by: Best Wishes Studio

Best Wishes Studio

Reinstall Outer Hoop

Reinstall the outer hoop and tug the yarn tightly as you tighten the hoop’s hardware. The end result should be a tight spiderweb pattern. Trim off the excess yarn and hot glue the cut ends to help hold it in place (Images 1 & 2).

Weave Yarn

Using small sections of thick variegated teal yarn, begin weaving starting at the center (Image 1). Weave around the circle using an over and under pattern until the entire surface is covered (Image 2). Trim off any excess and hot glue the ends to the back of the embroidery hoop (Image 3).

Connect Hoop to Pumpkin

Apply hot glue around the hole of a diorama pumpkin and press the embroidery hoop into place with hardware at the top, holding until the glue cools and sets.

Step 9With hot glue attach the woven embroidery hoop over the hole in the front of the pumpkin with the hardware facing up.

Photo by: Best Wishes Studio

Best Wishes Studio

Hide Embroidery Hoop

To conceal the wood of the hoop, hot glue a thick teal pipe cleaner and decorative trim around the edge.

Step 11Using hot glue further attach the hoop to the pumpkin by adding a coordinating tinsel garland around the edge of the embroidery hoop and edge of pumpkin hole.

Photo by: Best Wishes Studio

Best Wishes Studio

Hide Hoop Hardware

To hide the hardware, hot glue monster fingers, pom-poms and eyeballs over the top of the embroidery hoop.

Step 12Embellish the top of the weaving and cover the hardware using pompoms, plastic monster fingers and extra tinsel. This will continue to disguise the embroidery hoop and help secure the hoop to the pumpkin further.

Photo by: Best Wishes Studio

Best Wishes Studio

Fabric Scrap Pumpkin

Materials Needed

  • plastic pumpkin
  • fabric scraps in two patterns
  • scissors
  • decoupage glue
  • craft paintbrush
  • teal pom-pom trim
  • hot glue gun + sticks

Cut Fabric

Cut two patterns of teal fabric scraps into six small triangles or three of each pattern. The exact size of the triangles will depend on your specific faux pumpkin.

Attach Triangles

Use decoupage glue to add the fabric triangles to your pumpkin, joining the triangles at the corner and wrapping around the entirety of the pumpkin. Wipe away any excess glue and allow the triangles to dry in place.

Step 1: (not shown) Cut fabric into triangle shapes. How many and how large the triangles are will depend on the pumpkin you chooose. STEP 2: Using decoupage medium and a paint brush, apply fabric triangles. Alternate fabrics and apply so that the triangles are about 2"s from the top of the pumpkin and come down a bit over half way. Wipe away excess decoupage medium and allow fabric triangles to dry completely.

Photo by: Best Wishes Studio

Best Wishes Studio

Add Pom-Pom Trim and Pom-Poms

Across the top of the triangles, hot glue decorative teal pom-pom trim (Image 1). This will hide any imperfections and rough edges. With the excess trim, cut off a pom-pom for each bottom triangle tip and hot glue in place (Image 2).

Globe Pumpkin

Materials Needed

  • teal globe
  • black felt adhesive
  • pen
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaners
  • hot glue gun + sticks

Create Jack-O'-Lantern Face

Draw a traditional jack-o'-lantern face on the paper backing of black adhesive felt and cut out the shapes using scissors (Images 1 & 2). Peel off the paper backing and place the shapes on your globe (Image 3).

Attach Pipe Cleaners

Hot glue pipe cleaners around each of the jack-o'-lantern's facial features to highlight and contrast the shapes, trimming any excess with scissors.

Step 4. Using hot glue and pipe cleaners, trim the felt features on the globe. Use scissors to trim pipe cleaners.

Photo by: Best Wishes Studio

Best Wishes Studio


Display your completed globe pumpkin with the other DIY teal pumpkins for a color-coordinated display.

Photo by: Best Wishes Studio

Best Wishes Studio

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