Beginner's Guide to Birding: 10 Things That Will Bring Birds Into Your Yard

Make birds of a feather flock together — to your backyard.

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August 05, 2020

Interested in birding but not sure where to begin? That’s where we swoop in and take you under our wing. We’re breaking down our top 10 birding essentials that will help you track down feathered friends and set your yard up for successful birdwatching throughout the year. Keep reading to learn how to strategically attract birds to your yard and reap the hours of entertainment and relaxation that follow.

One failproof way to bring the local flock to your yard? Speak their language. Snag this handcrafted, wooden bird call set to invite nearby American robins, mallard ducks and black-capped chickadees to your backyard. Each instrument is carved by hand in France and allows users to mimic the individual species song with ease.

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Provide your backyard birds with plenty of water to cool off, hydrate and bathe. This charming bath is crafted from sand and stone and features a pretty, central fountain that keeps the water in motion and prevents the formation of harmful bacteria often found in stagnant bodies of water.

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Invest in a birding notebook to keep track of your feathery friends throughout the year. This personalized journal sports a vibrant and whimsical bird motif and offers ample space to jot down progress reports on your new feeder, new faces in the neighborhood and behavioral observations.

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Humans have more in common with birds than you may think. One of the easiest ways to lure a feathered friend into your yard is by appealing to their natural sweet tooth. Or, in this case, their sweet beak. This dangling copper feeder provides everything you need to treat your plumage-clad pals with a fresh-squeezed feast. Simply slip sliced fruit onto the four prongs and watch from the window as cardinals, robins and orioles fly in for the occasion.

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This wool nest starter allows you to offer your birds a helping hand as they build their nests. Fill the unique, welded spiral sphere with colorful bits of cotton, wool and fabric, and dangle from your porch or patio. Birds will swoop in and scoop up your donation to create a vibrant, easy-to-spot nest nearby. Once the birds empty the sphere of the lively fabric bits, refill it with tasty seed balls or dried fruit treats.

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Use binoculars to get an up-close and personal view of the birds that frequent your backyard. Take note of the birds’ distinctive markings and use them to identify the species. Once you feel confident about what kinds of birds are visiting your yard, invest in birdseed mix and treats that cater to their specific tastes.

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Bring the buzz to your backyard with this darling hummingbird feeder. Each glass feeder is handcrafted in Mexico with dreamy fairy wings, painted blooms and an attention-grabbing red opening. Hummingbirds associate the bright red hue with their beloved sugar water, and once they spot the feeder in your garden, they will continue to flock there to get their fix, day after day.

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Keep pesky squirrels away from your birds’ seed supply by opting for a puzzling, dangling feeder. This glamorous, geometric design features a brass frame, glass walls and offers ample space for several small birds to feed at once. The hanging design and complex frame deter squirrels and larger birds from overpowering the feeder.

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The secret to attracting multiple bird species to your yard is installing multiple feeders throughout the space. Dangle this star-powered copper feeder beneath a shady tree to provide small birds safety from birds of prey while they enjoy their meals. Each star feeder features an antique copper finish, a transparent body that allows you to track your seed over time and multiple feeding perches for mealtime.

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Congratulations, you’ve successfully attracted birds to your yard! Keep them there by putting a roof over their head. Invest in a birdhouse to provide your birds with a safe haven from looming predators and comfort from the elements. Install the birdhouse near your birds’ favorite feeder and bath to ensure they can fly to safety in a moment’s notice.

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