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Check these FAQs to learn more about our television programming and the website.

Is this a legitimate message from HGTV?

Customers sometimes receive fraudulent messages claiming to be from HGTV. We take this seriously and don't want you to be a victim of fraud. Fraudulent messages are likely to:

  • Claim to be from or related to HGTV and its programming, including official-looking letters or random phone calls.
  • Request you to divulge personal financial information such as your social security, bank account and credit card numbers.
  • Ask you to purchase something, including pre-paid credit cards.

How does HGTV cast for its shows?

Casting for our shows happens through production companies. HGTV and its hosts do not contact individuals directly to participate in our programming.

How can I be on a show?

HGTV shows that are currently casting can be found here.

How can I pitch a show?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept unsolicited pitches from individuals. If you are an established producer or production company, you can submit information here.

Who won the HGTV Dream Home (or HGTV Smart Home or HGTV Urban Oasis)?

To stay up on all the latest home giveaway news, you can join the HGTV Dreams Facebook Group.

How can I find a show?

You can find what’s currently airing on your cable provider here — or check with your local cable provider.

You can watch live or catch up on your favorites by signing into our HGTV GO app through your cable provider here.

You can also find hundreds of episodes of both current and classic HGTV shows, along with favorites from Food Network, TLC and more, here.

Can you help me with problems entering a home giveaway or other sweepstakes?

Questions and answers to most errors or issues encountered while entering a home giveaway or sweepstakes can be found within our Sweepstakes page of the HGTV Help Center. Below are the most frequently asked questions for troubleshooting the entry process.

Already Entered Error

If you are receiving the message that you have already entered to win for the day, it is because, based on your email address, our system recognizes that you have already submitted an entry for that day on that specific site. For our sweepstakes, a ‘day’ is from 12:00:01am EST through Midnight EST, so if you’re in a different time zone, that may be the issue.

If this is not the case, please try re-caching the page. To do so, follow the instructions at this link for your respective device, browser and browser version. (If you do not know your browser version, select Help > About from your toolbar.) Then, try entering again.

No Enter Button or Blank Page

Based on the issue you are describing, it sounds like a pop-up blocker or an ad-blocking extension on your browser, such as AdBlock Plus, may be preventing the content on our page from displaying correctly. Please make sure these features are both DISABLED (in other words, allow both pop-ups and advertisements) for our page. Please see this link to help you disable ad-blockers. Once complete, refresh your browser screen and try entering again.

Ineligible Error

You would receive the ‘ineligible’ error message only if you submitted information that didn't meet our eligibility requirements for the promotion. You may want to visit the rules to ensure you are eligible to enter.

If you realize what you did wrong and try to enter again but still can't, you will need to clear your browser's cache and cookies and try to submit the form again. To do so, follow the instructions at this link for your respective browser and version.

Not Receiving Daily Sweepstakes Reminders

If you’re not receiving the email reminder, please check your junk/spam folders. Providers are notorious for blocking our newsletters. Although we are working with them to try to get this resolved, their security settings are often too high to let mass mailings through for delivery. Please be sure to add the following email address to your Safe Senders List:

Can you help with my HGTV Magazine subscription?

HGTV Magazine is managed by Hearst Publications. While we at Discovery do not have access to subscription or billing information, the Customer Service Department at Hearst will be very happy to assist you with any questions you may have, everything from changing your address to requesting a scent-free subscription. Hearst’s HGTV Magazine customer service can be reached at the following phone number: 1-800-840-8056.

You can also visit the Hearst Customer Service site to manage your subscription online.

Can you help with an issue with my cable provider?

If you have not yet done so, please contact your cable/satellite provider to see if they are able to resolve your issue. If your provider isn’t able resolve your issue, please let us know at

Can you help with an issue on discovery+?

If you’re having trouble with an HGTV show on our streaming platform discovery+, please reach out to d+ directly here. They will help solve your issue.

If you have a question we haven't answered, you can submit a request here.